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Captain Kirk's Resort
is designed so you can have it your way. Lodging is spread out over a large area so each guest gets a feeling of space and privacy, as well as a spectacular view of La Ventana Bay. Our resort is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the town of La Ventana and the public campground, but so close that our guests can walk there in about 5 minutes, as well as to many of the best local restaurants.

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At La Ventana we are located on a superb property that retains its natural pre-development beauty, while providing amenities that only thoughtful development can bring. Immense Cardon Cacti (the "King of Cactus") tower about the site, interspersed with elephant trees and scores of other desert plants. Bird lovers will be especially surprised that Captain Kirk's could be a destination resort for the Audubon Society, sporting a full complement of both land and seabirds.


The dream of creating La Ventana's most
beautiful resort has become a reality.

"La Ventana Fun" by Warren Morgan

Picture turquoise blue water and an awesome private beach - add super clean deluxe ocean view lodging with AC and WiFi, place it in a sublimely beautiful botanic garden setting - and you have the essence of Captain Kirk's Resort. Better yet, click on the video above and see it all for yourself ... 99% of our guests tell us that their expectations of our resort have been exceeded, and that Captain Kirk's is much more beautiful than we are able to capture for the website.

Come and experience for yourself the beauty, fun, and tranquility of this extra special piece of La Ventana paradise.


"La-Fun-Tana"  by Layne Mullard



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Spearfish • Snorkel • Kayak • Mountain Bike • Whale Watch • Bird Watch
La Ventana is one of the most consistently windy places you'll find anywhere in the world during its windy season. Starting in November (and sometimes in mid-October) and ending in late April, the conditions at La Ventana are ideal for both kiteboarding and windsurfing. click here to see why

The fishing is pretty good too, although it's really outstanding in late spring and summer when the wind isn't blowing, click here for more info on the fishing!
"Good Time" by Izzy Bartling

Expert Instruction
Learn to Kite, Windsurf, or SUP from our expert staff. Let us help you to learn safely and quickly, with quad runner beach support and radio helmets - we have been teaching windsurfing since 1992, and kiting since 1999.

See details under Lessons & Rentals in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Incredible Scuba & Snorkeling
The Sea of Cortez has been called "Nature's Aquarium" by none other than Jacques Cousteau, with fantastic marine life and crystal clear water for great visability.
Find out more.
Read a Book • Spectate • Walk • Hike • Soak in the Hot Springs
Enjoy Local Art • Eat - Drink - Relax!
Yoga at Captain Kirk’s with Larry
“Stretch the Body, Build the Breath - the Mind will Follow”

The classes are a mix of styles - tailored to support the ocean activities that the guests come here to enjoy - including postures, flow, a sprinkling of breathing and meditation, balancing and core work. Find out more.

The instruction is professional, taught by Larry Wilhelms, who is a Certified Yoga Instructor, but prefers to be called a “guide” as he takes the group through an hour or so of invigorating energy work.

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