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Kiteboarding | Expert

Experts only. Banned weekends*. Banned always on the flat water bay side of the beach. Big, jagged rocks downwind**, until you're out past the jetty, where the wind is side-offshore, so you absolutely have to stay upwind.  The few local riders all use board leashes.

We very strongly recommend the 15-minute drive to Belmont Shore, unless you're an expert, there's no wind anywhere else, and it's SSW, which is a slightly less gusty direction here.  Above all, avoid incidents that could jeopardize county-wide access for yourself and the rest of us.

The allowed launching/landing area is small, crowded with bystanders, & barely-buried rocks. 100-foot cliffs directly upwind create extremely gusty, shifty winds, with strong downdrafts & updrafts at kite-height, so lofting is common. Avoid flying overhead. Solo-landed kites rarely stay nose-down, & kite-catchers are rare, so be prepared to release your safety, with a full line-length of clear space downwind.

Watch out for pedestrians, waders & windsurfers. Whenever your kite is airborne, its leash must be attached to your body (no "grab" leashes).

It's open ocean, with wind-driven chop, & often large, unrideable shorebreak that makes deep holes or troughs in the bottom.  It’s best to drag out through the surf & then another line-length before getting in the straps, so your kite won’t crash in the surf.  It's often best to drag the last line-length in to land too.

* Memorial Day through Labor Day.
** You're not allowed to land on the narrow beach that's close downwind, but below the jetty, surrounded by the big, jagged rocks, is a tiny fishing beach, for emergency self-rescues.

Local riders, lifeguards and the SoCal KiteBoarding Association cooperated in establishing the following regulations:

Due to extremely unstable (gusty) wind conditions, downwind rocks, and high volume beach use, only expert kiteboarders are allowed. NOTE: You may be an expert kiteboarder at other beaches but you may not have the skills necessary to kite safely in conditions at Cabrillo. Please be realistic about your skill level because overestimating your skill can pose serious risks to yourself and others.
1. Advanced kiteboarders skilled in safely kiting in gusty conditions only. Equipment must be in perfect working order. KITE SAFETY LEASH REQUIRED AND ATTACHED TO THE KITER. GRAB LEASHES ARE NOT ADEQUATE!

2. Kites must be inflated in STAGING AREA ONLY.

3. The yellow flag represents the LAUNCH STAGING area. Unwind lines and launch within 5 minutes or move out of LAUNCH STAGING area.

4. Launch only from the water. NO DRY LAND LAUNCHES!

5. Avoid flying kite directly overhead.

6. Have clear space downwind when launching and landing.

7. Land only in the LAUNCH AND LAND AREA when there is someone to catch the kite. Otherwise kites must be disabled outside the surf zone, away from swimmers. “Disabled” means inflatable kite leading edge is securely in the kiter’s hand when going through the surf zone.

8. Kiter must be able to self rescue.
1. Downwind of the launch site is off limits for landing yourself or your kite.

2. No walking up the beach while flying your kite.

3. The swim area upwind of the launch site, indicated by the blue buoy, is off limits.

4. When windsurfers are present, kite on the same tack as the windsurfer. When planning a jump, confirm that no windsurfers are in your trajectory. Stay clear of windsurfers on landings.

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