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Kitty and Captain Kirk Robinson

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Kirk Robinson

A combination of both the original Captain Kirk and Jon-Luc Picard (in his dreams). Kirk has been windsurfing since 1976, kiting since 1999, and is now also an avid Stand Up Paddlesurfer. When he's not in the shop, Kirk is still likely to be on the water - either Kiting, SUP surfing, or windsurfing. A graduate of the University of Vermont, he went directly into the corporate world and at just 25 years old fast-tracked his way up to the title of Branch Manager, at the Denver office of Pitney Bowes Corporation. He was recognized as one of the top managers in the fax machine division, but his claim to fame from those days actually was, "Kirk does an excellent job when he comes indoors to do business." A few years after having read 2 great books, "The Road Less Traveled" and "Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow," Kirk founded Captain Kirk's Inc. in 1992 and also founded La Ventana Baja's first windsport resort in 1993.

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Jim DeMarco
Jim is originally from Windsor, Ontario and started windsurfing on The Great Lakes in 1978. After graduating from Medical School at University of Western Ontario, he moved to the West Coast of Canada for an internship in ER and Sports Medicine. Jim works (occasionally!) and lives in Whistler but spends most of the time pursuing his wind and wave passion in places like La Ventana, The Gorge, Oregon Coast and Maui.

He started kiteboarding in 2002 and discovered La Ventana in 2005 - and after an amazing session on the water, while sipping one of Kirk's famous margaritas, was convinced to become a partner in this special of Casa Palmas started shortly after. With the addition of Casita Las Palmas and a studio suite, Jim can be frequently found enjoying the resort with family, friends and guests!

Roger Whitaker
Roger is a registered professional engineer and also earned a degree at Northwestern School of Law, and currently works at two different careers - the first as an independent environmental engineering consultant, and the second as the owner/operator of West Coast Fleet Wash, Inc,, providing cleaning services to large truck fleets in Oregon and Washington.

An avid kiteboarder since 1999, Roger first came to Captain Kirks in 2001 and knew immediately this was the place for him. A few trips later he signed on as a partner and has been enjoying his time at La Ventana even more, since building a beautiful rental casita and house at the resort. He also loves sportfishing at La Ventana and has caught a wide variety of species including sierra, roosterfish, dorado, tuna, sailfish, and marlin.

Roger started teaching his daughter Makena to kiteboard when she was 12 years old. They both love Baja and the Gorge and together they plan on spending many more years enjoying the life that wind and wave sports have to offer. He is also an avid river angler and spends spare time in the summer fishing on the Deshcutes River, and kiting near his home at the Columbia Gorge, in Stevenson, WA.

For more information on stand up paddleboards,
kiteboards and windsurfing, contact Captain Kirk's.

The Captain's mission is to provide his customers the best service, lowest prices, convenience, and the most honest advice available anywhere on this planet. Mr. Spock (damn your Vulcan Logic!) has advised the Captain to keep his shop's overhead low, his staff's expertise high, and to always keep his own skills improving.

  • Low Overhead = Low Prices
• Staff Expertise = Educated Helpful Advice
• Great Service = Happy Customers
• Improving Skills = Always Getting Better and Loving It!

Kitty Robinson
Kitty and her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Holland when she was 10 years old and she's been a surfer girl ever since. A windsurfer since 1987, kiteboarder since 2006, and avid SUPer for the past few years as well, Kitty and Kirk first met on the beach at La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. Kitty teaches beginner windsurfing and SUP lessons, manages our La Ventana staff, and also sells real estate in La Ventana. Check out for more info.

Doug and Zandra Frank
Doug signed on as the first partner at the La Ventana resort, joining Kirk in his vision in 1995.  A native Californian, he has always loved the water and has been surfing since his early twenties and windsurfing since 1985 - La Ventana and the Gorge in Hood River are his favorite playgrounds.  Doug earned his MA in psychology at Integral Studies Institute in San Francisco, and also has a background in the natural foods business.

Currently, he is retired from counseling (for the most part), enjoys organic farming in Southern Oregon, and is spending more time in Baja each year.

Zandra spent 20 years as an early childhood professional and is beginning a new career in holistic nutrition consulting.  Although not active in water sports, she enjoys La Ventana’s sunrises and sunsets and the mystery of the Sea of Cortez.

The Franks are a close combined family and spend as much time as they can together. Their son Ry has been windsurfing since age twelve, and Captain Kirk’s is one of his favorite spots for water sports, photography, and socializing. Daughters Nerissa, Lila and Prema have learned to SUP and even three year old granddaughter, Iyanna, has been on a board. Son-in-law Kojo has enjoyed snorkeling and trying fresh caught squid. Lila, a pilates and personal trainer from the Bay Area, has taught pilates classes at the resort. (Look for her upcoming pilates retreats in the near future.)

Carla de Cervantes
Carla is the founder of Personal Passages ( She has an MBA from Stanford University and Masters in Education from UCLA, and is an executive coach and life coach, a professional speaker and a writer. She works with corporations and with individuals to help them clarify their priorities, set and attain professional and personal goals, and develop leadership and communication skills.

Carla is a California native who currently lives in Corona Del Mar, and loves being warm and spending time in the sun. She has always been ready and willing to try any new sport, so it didn't take long for her friends from San Francisco to twist her arm into joining them on a trip to La Ventana to learn to kite in 2006.  She fell in love with Captain Kirk's the moment she set foot on our sandy beach. She is half-Mexican, and definitely feels at home with the amazingly friendly locals in La Ventana. She has kited in Maui, the Gorge, and Southern CA, but is quick to tell anyone she meets that she believes La Ventana is the best place in the world to learn to kite! Stay tuned for coaching retreats that she is busy organizing and plans to hold right here at Captain Kirk's!

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